An overwhelming reason to move back to Film...

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Re: An overwhelming reason to move back to Film...

well i personally think  that digital still has hands down more pros then film does unless you are someone who knows how to develop your own film but that can still be time consuming.

Digital allows you instant feedback you take the picture you can imminently see the result, with film (other then the Polaroid) you had to wait and had the photos developed before you saw the results,  for pros its not a big deal, they know all the tricks they can set it up fully manually and can almost see in their mind how the shot will end up but for newcomers film is a big step plus trying to insert/remove the film can cause trouble too for some people......and the fact that you only had like at most 36 shots per roll which today would be terrible (more so for those fashion photographers) theyd be changing rolls every minute or so!

also while right now you could get film dslr cameras for much much less then a good digital one..what about the price of the film over time and the price of developing?  plus even at 8x10 you wont get to see a large image of the photo you take like you could with a larger moniter or tv.

I think while filmn was great and you have your puriests who still only use film good for them i guess..but the vast amount of good things that digital brought (not to note..easy retouching/editing etc) just far outweights to me the few advanatages that film cameras may still have. thats why the filmn camera industry is pretty much dead aside from a select few that may still be around.  its all digital because digital is just so much easier to work with hell just having a mirroless camera now that you dont have to look through the tiney viewfinder to frame the image with your nose pressed up agaisnt the back is a huge step in itself!

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