D810 Metering Mode Selector

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M Lammerse
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Re: D810 Metering Mode Selector

Janet Zinn wrote:

Actually this is the one annoying thing about the D810, at least for me. I find the button on the top left VERY inconvenient to use, I can't do it at eye level without putting the camera down when I've got a heavy lens like the 80-400VR on.

I had to get used to the position as well but I can't understand what you mean. You can see your type of metering modus in the viewfinder.

So what I mean, you don't have to take your eye from the viewfinder.

Edit: sorry, now I understand what you mean - yes indeed in that case, a non supported (mono/tripod) lens you need to reposition your hand to do an easy switch.


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