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Re: The same situation exists under film

Seccotine wrote:

It's when someone insists that their 'choice' is the 'best' for everyone that the discourse becomes absurd.

I haven't seen anyone making choices for others. Disputing claims doesn't equal making a "'choice'" for others. I'm sure most people on this site are adults, so they can surely make their own choices.

Equating your gear with the single superior option, while trashing everything else seem fairly common though. That's pretty close to what TrapperJohn comments on IMO. Everyone have different needs and priorities, but many people on tech forums don't seem to grasp that.

The debates comparing film to digital have had nothing to do with "needs and priorities." They have been about specific claims being made that other people have every right to dispute if they feel or know them to be wrong. TrapperJohn, you, and others, simply want to deter debate and ultimately disagreements. That's not what forums are about.

A heathy debate is always good,

For the most part, the debates have been healthy. The only time it gets unhealthy is when some people make the discussion and the debate about the messenger and not the message. Because some people are inclined to respond in such a manner doesn't mean the discussion or thread is unhealthy. It only means their contribution is.

but when people can't grasp that grandma should rather invest in a tablet than an alienware, it starts to get absurd.

Trying to compare grandma's choice of computers to discussions and debates about film vs digital is "absurd."

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