Mirrorless Revolution: Times are Changing by luminous-landscape

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The very best way to sound out of touch...

Is to utter the words "the times are changing."  I was just reading this article and trying to imagine the world through the eyes of someone who found the pinnacle of modern life, idealized it, and then judged the rest of their life based on that single moment, thus leading to all sorts of wonderment at the rapid pace the world has seen since then while completely ignoring tens of thousands of years of human technological advancement.

Maybe I'll always wear Chuck Taylors and look silly.  Maybe I'll always use DSRLs while the young, hip photographers laugh at me.  I'll be happy to update to new technology when it makes a meaningful difference to me, but gray haired old dudes telling me how super-fly these new mirrorless gadgets are makes me LOL....BTW....FYI....etc.

At one point the article says that Canon and Nikon haven't stepped up to the plate to release competition for all these newfangled mirrorless systems.  Wow.  Did Harry Potter Obliviate these guys?  Canon is too busy making tons of money to jump on the bandwagon and thereby lend the mirrorless trend all of its cache.  "Wait, Canon is making a mirrorless camera?  I should look at all the other ones on the market before I buy" is exactly the sentence Canon doesn't want people to think.  Mirrors compete very favorably against mirrorless, especially considering the mirrorless cameras are missing something as their name implies.

You would have to be deluded to interpret that graph as good news for the mirrorless industry.  The stats discussed below the graph sounds more like previous trends of gifts being bought for the Christmas season leading to a spike then followed by continuing indifference.

007peter wrote:

luminous-landscape, one of the most respected photography site as a great insight on the current state of mirrorless revolution.  Scroll down to the video and watch what they say.

Mirrorless Revolution: Times are Changing

Very insightful, coming from a site that was dominated by Canon/Nikon DSLRs for years.

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