Ricoh positive service response – Huge sigh of relief

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Ricoh positive service response – Huge sigh of relief

For those who have followed the service problem threads recently posted, (, things have finally started moving in the right direction. Following advise I received on this forum (thank you) I sent a letter to the CEO and Vice President, and followed up with phone calls (see letter below). I felt the tone of my letter was effective in that it was not belligerent or threatening, but expressed genuine frustration and asked for help. Got a call from Ricoh this week with the following cheerful news:
– They were going to ship me a new FA 31mm lens from the Phillipines. And,
– They have requested expedited repair status for my camera and lens that are currently at Precision.

I'm feeling much better now. Still, there are some questions that remain unanswered. What will be the quality of Precision repair service? Will obtaining parts still from Pentax still be lengthy? What if the new 31mm lens has a centering defect? How will I get it changed out? Will Precision get its act together handling customer service? I'm still very concerned about this. I suggest we all post any reassuring experiences we have with them.

However, I am glad that Ricoh recognized the problems I have had, and have taken steps to correct them. Very encouraging.

[Copy of my letter]

Martin Brodigan
Chairman & CEO
Ricoh Imaging Americas Corp.
633 17th Street, Ste. 2600
Denver, CO 80202

Re: Pentax FA31mm lens, C.R.I.S. work order #WO553896, serial #0036102, and
Re: Pentax k5Iis and Pentax FA 77mm, Precision Camera Tag #4211986

Dear Mr. Brodigan:

It makes me sad to write this letter. I have been enjoying Pentax cameras and lenses for several years. I use the Pentax system for wedding photography (39 this year), as well as other paid photographic services. Unfortunately, this year I feel as if I have steped into the Pentax service Twilight Zone. (I trust you are of an age to appreciate the reference.

I sent my FA31mm lens into C.R.I.S. for repair, and they acknowledged receipt on March 28th. It languished there for months waiting for parts. I called the Ricoh sevice center three times and talked with Paul once, and Randy twice. Both of them said they would take the matter up with Dale, the parts supervisor, and that he would call me about it. I’m still awaiting that phone call. At the end of July, my lense was shipped back to me and to my dismay, it had not been repaired at all! At least, the original problem was still the same. That didn’t stop them from charging me $195. So, of course, I called CRIS and talked with Stephen, head of the repair department, and he said they would not be able to fix it since they no longer had the proprietary equipment. He said to send it to Precision, and they would charge back Pentax the $195. So I did. According to the mail tracking report, it was delivered to Precion Camera on August 11th, but they can’t seem to find it in their system. Apparently, this is not uncommon with Precision based on Google reviews. I’m pretty worried about it.

I sent my Pentax K5IIs camera and FA 77mm lens to Precision Camera in June hoping for better service than I was getting from CRIS. They acknowledged receipt on June 18th, but only for the camera. I called twice to make sure they had indeed registered the 77mm lens, and again received no call backs. Finally, on July 18th, I called a third time and was told all they needed was payment confirmation and they could fix my equipment.

– Me: I’m just curious why you haven’t called to tell me this?
– PC: Oh, we were just going to.

Mr. Brodigan, I understand that Ricoh/Pentax has changed from C.R.I.S. to Precision Camera for its service center, and that may have contributed to the delay on the repair of my K5Iis and 77mm lens, tag #4211986. However, based on the length of time to obtain parts for the 31mm lens, I could be looking at months more before my Pentax equipment is repaired. The 31mm and the 77mm are my two most used leneses. This quality of repair service has made me question for the first time whether the Pentax system is viable for professional work. Can you help me with this?

I have included relevant documents with this letter. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your attention.


James Malcolm
Executive Vice President
Ricoh Imaging of Americas Corportaion

Pentax K-5
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