A6000 is a buggy mess :(

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Re: A6000 is a buggy mess :(

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Is it possible that you pressed the magnify button to short after taking the picture?

When you have a slower card reader it could happen, but I think the problem only shows when you take RAW and magnify to fast.

Panorama is always hard to take, you have to move not to fast and not to slow....

If there isn't anything wrong with the camera, I think this is what causes the problems.

I've never had this issue with my NEX-7 no matter how fast I press the review & magnify buttons.

My cards are formatted in camera right after I download the pictures, they are only used in one camera.

And as I've said, pulling the battery seems to clear the issue, at least temporarily, so it has to be a bug.

And to those that don't have the issue, congrats, but don't start calling people names, shill or whatever, because not all cameras will show a bug, why is that? because every camera is set up differently.

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I don't have any AF lenses, so if I want a picture, I have to do more than squeeze a button.
My lenses:

I've read various descriptions of this problem. It could be that memory runs out and it can't display the magnified image. This would be consistent with reports that it only happens with some pictures (are those pictures more detailed, requiring more bytes for jpeg image?) and it clears after changing the battery. It reminds me of early electronic keyboards that could lock up if the stored samples got too big.

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