Aftermarket batteries are just as good as OEM

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Re: many have great long term performance

It all depends on the brand. OEM batteries have huge markups, a well made 3rd party can still turn a profit without sacrificing much in performance.

My first set of Sterlingtek batteries was bought in 2007 and sold with camera in 2010 without massive performance degradation. From start to finish, they consistently provided about 15% less capacity than Canon OEM of same age, at 1/3rd the price.

My current set of 2 Sterlingtek batteries both bought in the spring of 2013 performs better than a year older OEM Sony battery I got with my first Sony camera, but lasts slightly less than the fresher OEM battery I received with Nex 6 last August. The difference in performance is minimal, and may not even be there (the camera reads the charge remaining in 3rd party batteries not as accurately as with Intellisync, and often I can shoot for another 40 min when I have only a few percent charge showing).

I stuck with Sterlingtek for years because I had great performance results from them (and great CS when I needed it once). I am sure there are other brands just as good. Just need to avoid no-name unproven ones. There's no reason to pay exorbitant prices for what is essentially the same product from OEM.

Chris Noble wrote:

Lanidrac wrote:

Thats what I've found. Often vastly cheaper and as good or better performing too. What say you?

That is not where the difference lies. The difference is in reliability and longevity (number of recharge cycles) and the mechanical integrity of the case, cells and protection electronics. All of these differences have a significant impact on the manufacturing cost.

The failure rate of the copies is higher, but not 100%, so we have all hear stories of copies that worked fine for 100 cycles or so.

You get the level of longevity and reliability that you pay for. Lithium is a volatile and corrosive metal. I am familiar with how lithium cells and packs are made and where corners can be cut without immediate but with age-related and cycle-life impact. In my opinion, skimping on battery quality for a $1000 camera that gets bumped, turned on/off repeatedly and occasionally gets wet is foolish. Your results may vary.

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