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Joseph Black Contributing Member • Posts: 799
Assumptions and abject boredom.

A potential competitor that currently doesn't exist.  So a rumor post for a camera that, if it does one day exist, will compete with a camera that currently exists.

So in order for this to be a topic of conversation we have to assume:

1)  The rumored camera will one day exist.

2)  The rumored camera will have the same specs as rumored.

3)  The rumored specs are in some way relevant to a discussion about G1 X competitors.

4)  The image quality from the camera with the rumored specs will in some way be as good or better than the currently existing G1 X cameras.

5)  The cost of the rumored camera with the rumored specs will in some way make it an appealing alternative to the G1 X series.

In other words, if the rumored camera is announced and the specs are the same as currently rumored then we'll have to wait until someone has the camera in hand to do tests.  So maybe in two or three months there will be some basis for calling this non-existent camera a competitor.

This is really stretching for something, anything to talk about.  It barely belongs in the Panasonic forum, preferably in the Rumor forum, and the OP didn't even have a few thoughts that might support his premise...and even says he doesn't really believe it's true.  YAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

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