FYI Forum line wrap broken on Firefox Android

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Re: FYI Forum line wrap broken on Firefox Android

uRebel Rob wrote:

andrbar wrote:

uRebel Rob wrote:

andrbar wrote:

I'm very surprised that this post didn't receive any answer. I'm experimenting exactly the same issue with my Samsung Galaxy 3.

And this happens ONLY with the text of the forums on DPR. All other texts on DPR or anywhere else are correctly displayed.

I tried all settings in Firefox, to no avail. That's very annoying, to the point that I can't use Firefox to read the forums.

Any idea?

Looks like a FireFox issue. I installed FireFox to test this, and yup, words start on one line and continue on the next. This only happens in the mobile page: the desktop version of the page wraps whole words as it should.

The other two browsers I tested, Chrome and Samsung's "Internet" app, wrap words fine.

It's unclear if its due to a bug in FireFox, or a non-standards web page that Chrome and Internet (incorrectly) render fine, or DPR sending FireFox a different file than the others. I tried to look at the raw html, but couldn't find a way to do this in any of the three browsers I tested, nor could I find a way to save the file and look at it in another app, so I can't help much.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to experiment. Much appreciated.
It happens only with the text in the forums. All other stuff in Dpreview is displayed fine.
I hope some Dpreview developper will stop by and have a look at this thread...

No problem. I did a little testing just for fun.

I found I can view the source in any of the browsers I tested above by adding "view-source:" in front of the http:... Looked like DPR is sending the same html file.

Then I emulated a mobile device on my desktop Chrome and Firefox, and they acted the same as they do on mobile devices. Chrome correctly, firefox wrapping in the middle of words. So I'm guessing one of the CSS styles DPR is using is interpreted differently in firefox than the other browsers.

OTOH, it only renders the word wrap incorrectly in the post body. The others (post header, title, ect) seem to wrap whole words correctly. So something is interpreted differently within the "postDetailContainer", "post", or "body" div class / subclasses.

At this point, things go beyond my understanding of html; I learned html 1, and I got lost when CSS came out and I never caught back up.

Thanks Rob,

For the time being, I use Mercury on my Samsung Galaxy. Works fine.

DPR staff doesn't seem to care much about what's going on here...

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