X-Trans II vs Foevon X3

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X-Trans II vs Foevon X3

Just got a Sigma DP2 Merrill loaner from a friend. I never shot with any Sigma Foveon sensor, so I decided to see what was it all about.

The DP2M has a 30mm f/2.8 lens, I think it is roughly equal to 45mm or so.

My X-E2 has 35mm f/1.4 lens mounted, effective focal length is 52/53mm.

Both photos were shot at f/5.6.

For the DP2M, I processed the file with Iridient Developer and Sigma ProPhoto6 (SPP6). For the X-E2, I processed the file with Iridient and RawTherapee. For Irident, I used the Mac built-in RAW/Aperture RAW converter instead of the Iridient's built-in converter. The Iridient default X-Trans processor has far too much moire and artifacts that I cannot get rid off in this particular scene (tall building from afar and railings up close). In Iridient, you can open an X-Trans RAF file by selecting Apple RAW processor.

Photos were taken seconds apart and X-E2 used ISO 200 and DP2M used ISO 100.

I tried to use minimal sharpening and minimal or no noise reduction. I found that chroma noise reduction can rob away color details. I want to see what the base sensor can produce.

Here are the results:

X-E2 using Iridient

X-E2 using RawTherapee

DP2M using Iridient

D2PM using Sigma ProPhoto6

In general, I found that there is chroma noise on the DP2M even at base ISO of 100 and even in brightly lid areas. This was seen with Iridient. By using just one notch of chroma noise reduction (ChormAdaptive v2=+1), all the chroma noise was gone. RL Deconvoltion was used, with a small 0.3 radius and iteration of just 2. Color slider was at +13 to the magenta side to get the correct color balance. WB value was not changed.

SPP6's default sharpening was too much. I had to reduce sharpening by 2.0 (the max amount) and even at that, I still think it is a bit too sharp. The file you see here was done with that. I'd prefer a zero sharpening to being with so I can sharpen later. With the Foevon sensor, I don't think you need much sharpen anyway.

Also, for this particular DP2M I'm using, the white balance is off, even in the RAW image. I had to move the WB grid in SPP6 a bit to the magenta axis and a bit to the yellow axis (a value of 3.0 on each axis). What that done, I found the color to be the truest to the original scene.

For X-E2 photo, I used minimal sharpening, RL Deconvolution with a small radius and low iteration count (I think it was radius 0.3 and iteration of 5 with Iridient, but it was a different set of values for RT, but equally small radius and low iteration and low damping value).

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