Aftermarket batteries are just as good as OEM

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Re: Aftermarket batteries are just as good as OEM

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Thats what I've found. Often vastly cheaper and as good or better performing too. What say you


It depends I suppose, on what constitutes "vastly cheaper"!

Theres always one...

Personally I avoid the very cheap aftermarket ones, but have found Hahnel and Energiser brands OK at about half the OEM ones' prices, for Li-ion batteries.

If a thing is cheap, it's cheap for a reason, so ask yourself where the "savings" are being made.

If an aftermarket battery is half the price of OEM, then it's half of not very much, so your savings are small anyway.

What a dumb thing to say! Can't you read?

How do you know how well my OEM and aftermarket batts perform if you have not read the thread? I already stated that I have had better performance with my aftermarket batts at less than half of the OEM's.

The animosity is nuts towards aftermarket anything.

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