Thoughts on chroma key backgrounds

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Re: Thoughts on chroma key backgrounds

AlbertInFrance wrote:

Mr McClicky wrote:

AlbertInFrance wrote:

Mr McClicky wrote:


I would consider myself a beginner/intermediate photographer. I think that I do know when to use the priority settings just not quickly enough yet to be efficient. I generally shoot in manual mode including focus.

Good start, but you need to be fast and confident. Nothing practice won't fix.


I'm currently learning with the d3300 but would like to upgrade in about 6 months to a year to either a Sony A7s or the Nikon 810.

Don't worry about moving 'up' to full frame until you can see a business reason to do it. For studio portraiture it is very unlikely to improve your profitability.

Absolutely, and my upgrade is likely going to be to mirror-less system, but thats down the road.

My lighting currently consist of 3 inexpensive fluorescent bulb lights with their stands, 3 Yongnuo 560III manual flash guns with triggers and wireless controllers, a couple of shoot through umbrellas, 2 or 3 reflectors and a couple of dollars budgeted towards a few more lights if necessary.

A reasonable start, but you should start learning about proper studio lighting, with a range of modifiers including soft boxes and beauty dishes. Start by viewing as much as you can on the internet but if you can find a proper taught course then I'd recommend that on top.

I can't wait! I have a little 12x12 space that all white and well lit

Whatever lighting is already in there turn it off. YOU light a photograph, not the electrician who put in the lamps.

12x12 is also really tight for proper portraiture, but it will get you started.

that I can double for a make shift studio at home but I think that I would rather and likely be shooting at the clients place or a location more often than not. I would like to incorporate the home into my family portraits as much as possible to give a more personal sense of memorabilia to the image.

All the more reason to concentrate on your lighting skills rather than getting too carried away with backgrounds.


Maybe I'm teaching granny to suck eggs, but you are aiming to enter a very competitive market. You don't say where you are in the world, but you sound American. Most retail photographers in America seem to be feeling the pinch as far as I can see.

I'm in Miami, Florida. ...

There are clearly worse places to be a portraitist. Even so, you need to do your homework. And if you want to aim for top dollar clients you need to be seen as a top dollar photographer.

In order of importance the skills you need are: interpersonals, both for selling and during shoots, lighting, PP and camera.


Concentrate on getting the basic portraiture sorted out first. The important thing is the person, especially for that person. The background is something that most sitters take for granted


I was considering paper as well, however I already pulled the trigger (or better said pressed the shutter) on my popup backgrounds and they're already due to arrive tomorrow. I ordered a black and white and the blue and green ck they're 2-two sided 5x7' portable backgrounds that setup on a single stand. I like the portability and affordability ($60 each $120 total) of this type of system and thought it could be a good start. They seem to be all the rave on youtube.

Hmmm. See how you get on with them, but try

Also these really affordable, really easy to use ck software demos I see online kind of had me thinking that they may be a pretty cool option. I think it would be interesting to shoot my own backgrounds to key behind my subjects, just sounds like fun. I know I will likely ad a full background frame, 10X12 large muslins for full body shots and large products and definitely paper at some point. I'm thankful for how relatively affordable all these products are these days.


Im so anxious to start creating looks with light again, especially experimenting with my flashguns. I like to think Im pretty meticulous when it comes to design.

Albert this post was a great exercise for me. Beside being really therapeutic, it also helped me put things into a better perspective with respect to a possible photography career for me. I really appreciate you taking the time to lend me your expertise. Maybe I'll attend one of your courses one day. I already feel like I've received a complimentary consultation from you, your awesome thanks again!

BTW where in this world are you?

See my username!

Also see my profile -- click on my username to get to it.

You could do with putting some info in your profile, too. Your first post or two gave very little idea about your background and I had to guess at the continent.

I'll be away for a few days so don't know if I'll have Internet access.

Good luck

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AlbertinFrance silly me lol.  Well the first time I'm in Paris I will look you up.  I'll be putting some more info in my profile soon.  Bon Voyage AlbertinFrance and thanks


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