Fuji firmware rumour: x-t1 1/32000 shutterspeed

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Re: Fuji firmware rumour: x-t1 1/32000 shutterspeed

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  • shutter speed will increase from 1/4000 to 1/32000
  • better movie capabilities
  • faster/better AF (including phase detection on instant AF)
  • some other minor improvements (like new film simulation modes)
  • firmware updates will be released in October and December

If Fuji can implement an electronic shutter solution in firmware, faster shutter speeds might indeed be possible.

Electronic shutters are slower speed than mechanical ones due to slow lines readout (except the D70).

Check out the specs on the Lumix GM1. Mechanical shutter speed max=1/500. Electronic shutter speed max=1/16,000.

Unless its electronic shutter is radically different from every other Panny's e-shutter, the GM1 can expose all of the pixels at 1/16,000th of a second, but can't do so simultaneously. Instead, it takes about 1/8th of a second to scan the entire sensor, so rapidly moving subjects are distorted diagonally in the image. It's an artifact that means you can shoot a stationary landscape at 1/16000 fine, but you couldn't shoot a footrace, a dog in motion, or a child jumping up and down (without distortion). The effects are pretty bizarre. I saw a lot of that with the G5's electronic shutter.

Yes, this is what I meant, it wouldn't be that usable. Flash sync speed will be abysmal as well.

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