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Re: K-S1: my take

Leandros S wrote:

I think this is a fantastic camera that will really shake up the market.

There. I've said it. I'm on the record and you can beat me with that soundbite later if I'm wrong.

For those that want the long version:

The new control concept makes complete sense to me. Selecting video on the power switch is a genius move. The mode wheel on the back looks less likely to be accidentally turned, which of course is what motivated that slightly strange mode dial lock implementation on the K-3 (which, in its own way, makes perfect sense if you want your mode dial to be on the top).

The LEDs will be dismissed by members of this forum, but will actually provide useful functionality out in the real world - as previously stated, this will mostly entice "urban" shooters aka the selfie generation.

Sure, 14-bit PEF would be slightly at odds with that, but why not? In fact, how many Facebook selfie shooters will process RAW? So no problem, right? Whoever wants to use this camera for "serious" work (i.e. using a RAW processor on the desktop) gets a great feature thrown in, and it creates an actual WOW effect when your urban shooters do try the highlights slider.

And I think the 20 megapixel sensor will be just about perfect for either target group, if the performance is equivalent or better than the A3000.

FluCard support? No-brainer, but great for it to be included. Stereo mic? They don't stop giving, do they? And stealing the glow-in-the-dark controls from Olympus is going to make a lot of night owls happy.

So I think Ricoh have very subtly slipped in a challenger to the K-3 through the back door. As is typical of Pentax, this mid level model once again has quite a few pro features snuck in, and in that light is very aggressively priced. Other than weather sealing and the battery grip, I'm curious how they'll keep differentiating the top tier, but perhaps this will very shortly become clear when the next iteration is released. Now that we've seen the Prestige Edition, perhaps a new baby is already on the way?

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