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Re: 1.4x teleconverter SonyA580

Pip72 wrote:

Dear All:

I have just realized that my Soligor DG Pro Teleconverter 1.4x for Minolta AF does not properly work when used with Minolta/Sigma for Minolta lens (any type) coupled to Sony A580... the focal length of the lens is not properly multiplied by 1.4 when the body is that of Sony A580. The focal length remains unchanged (so, for istance, with Minolta APO G 400/4.5 I still have 4.5 while using the 1.4 teleconverter).

Your teleconverter looks like this, correct...?

If so, that Soligor teleconverter must be mechanically and optically the same as the Kenko TelePlus Pro 300 DG. These are high quality generic teleconverters that work with many lenses... but unfortunately, as you say, they do not modify the focal length and aperture data being transmitted to the camera.

However, I think newer versions of these teleconverters have been updated with the ability to modify the data. They are the Kenko TelePlus Pro 300 DGX and apparently the Soligor DGII model, as seen here...

I was thinking to opt for Minolta APO series II 1.4 x but, as far as I know, the latter would not be Ok with lens other than Minolta APO G Series, hence, it would be not Ok with Sigma 400/5.6 mounted on Sony A580 (I use Sigma especially during long trips becuase of its lower weight).

So, what should I do? Do you know if any Sigma 1.4x may work well with Sony digital cameras coupled to either Minolta APO G or Sigma 400/5.6 lens?

... I would like to find a 1.4x that works well with both APO 400/4.5 G lens as well as Sigma 400/5.6 lens when using Sony Alfa580.

The Minolta APO teleconverter will of course work well with the Minolta 400mm. If the rear element of the Sigma lens is recessed (not sticking out), the Minolta teleconverter should work with that one too. How well? I have no idea!

If you're happy with the optical performance of your Soligor teleconverter on both lenses, try to determine if there is a new Soligor or Kenko model made for the Sony mount. (Check Tamron brand as well, because similar products are available from them.) I don't think a new Sony version exists... but if it does it should provide the data adjustment you're looking for.

More info is here on the Kenko website.

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