Squirrels, Cardinals, & Big Green Lizards

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Squirrels, Cardinals, & Big Green Lizards

Last week I shared some of the doves and pigeons from my backyard - taken from the comfort of my pool.  Consider this a 'part 2' of that series - this time, with some of the other backyard wildlife that I like to photograph from the swimming pool.  My backyard is in a very suburban area, surrounded by neighbors and roads, but I have a lot of tree cover in my yard, and a relatively large, long backyard, as well as a protective community wall at the back that runs down past two neighbors and a natural area of scrub and trees - making the wall and hedges a natural corridor for animals from that natural area to safely head over to my yard to feed, mate, nest, hunt, play, etc.  Being a nature lover, I have bird feeders, spread out seed every day, peanuts for the rodents (squirrels), lots of diverse flowers for the bugs and reptiles, and of course the bugs FOR the reptiles.  Raccoon, possum, fox, armadillo, and others find the leftover seed and peanuts in the evenings.  Snakes help control unwanted pests like rats.  It all works out pretty well, and gives me a nice little ecosystem to photograph!

So, here are some more backyard wildlife, from the A6000, 55-210mm lens, and DH1758 combo:

A young little cardinal lifting off from the backyard

A squirrel up on my planter

A funny resting position for a squirrel on my fence

A young male cardinal, still not quite all there with his feather colors

Male cardinal up on the lamppost, peeping away

A big, pretty, green knight anole climbing a papaya tree

These guys sit somewhere in between the much bigger green iguanas, and the much smaller brown and green anoles...they typically get up to about 1-foot to 1 1/2-foot in length.

If you've never tried, cardinals are stupid-hard to catch in flight - they fly a million miles an hour!  I caught this one buzzing through my yard while looking down to see what food was out below

A very closeup shot of a squirrel - he was walking straight towards my camera and lens to see what it was - I was less visible because I was sunk down in the water up to my shoulders, only my arms and head were above water and sitting right on the pool edge

Too slow a shutter to fully freeze a blue jay in flight - but I sort of liked the jumbled motion blur from the panning as this one flew quickly away past my birdbath and hibiscus

As always, comments, questions, and critique are welcomed.  Hope you enjoyed a selection of what's in my backyard on a given summer day!

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