FZ1000: AE Lock + Backbutton AF ?

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Hatstand Senior Member • Posts: 1,290
FZ1000: AE Lock + Backbutton AF ?

If I'm using AFC and back-button focus, I can't lock exposure using half-press shutter, and then recompose... because AE lock only works in AFS mode.

I also can't use the AF/AE lock button or a Fn button, because AF/AE lock is set to "AF-ON".

Unless I'm missing something? Assuming I'm not... if I want to use Backbutton focus AND still be able to set autoexposure on a certain part of a scene - how best to go about it?

Some options I can think of:

  1. Set Direct Focus Area to "ON", and avoid the need to lock exposure and recompose. However, functions that are normally assigned to 4-way buttons, must then be accessed by Fn buttons or menus instead.
  2. Set AFS/AFF to "AFS". When exposure lock is needed, move the AF lever from AFC to AFF/AFS. Half-press shutter will then lock AE.
  3. Use AFF with Backbutton focus, instead of AFC (so the AF lever is always on AFS/AFF). When exposure lock is needed, change AFS/AFF from "AFF" to "AFS". Half-press shutter will then lock AE. (I'd use a Fn button to toggle between AFS and AFF)

Are there other options?

#1 doesn't appeal, Direct Focus Area felt slow and clunky when I tried it, and I like having the default functions on the 4-way switches available.

#2 and #3 are ultimately choices between using AFC and lever, or AFF and a button... and I'm thinking #3 would be the one for me.

That way, I could avoid AFC which I am now slightly suspicious of... and my chosen Fn button could simultaneously enable AFS, AE lock, and manual focus (because I have AF+MF set to "ON").

Might be a waste of a Fn button though - perhaps better to use my custom Q.Menu, since I might need to switch to spot metering at the same time... Hm.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000
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