Final comparison: Sony 10-18mm v Touit 12mm v Samyang 12mm

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Final comparison: Sony 10-18mm v Touit 12mm v Samyang 12mm

Hi guys,

I'm now deciding on a wide angle lens that would complement my A6000 and Sony 18-105 G lens for the following purposes in order of priority:

1. Daylight landscape + architecture

2. Lowlight landscape + architecture

3. Interior shots

4. Night scenes, including cityscapes and illumination

5. One day I'd also like to take astro photography

Contenders: Sony 10-18mm f4 v Zeiss Touit 12mm f2.8 v Samyang/Rokinon 12mm f2

I have heard and received varying opinions in regards to all three lenses and would like to make my decision soon. I'd like to hear your experience with either lenses, specially in relation to the types of shots I have listed above.

I primarily will use this as my main landscape lens for handheld and travel. My main priority is optical quality (sharpness, colour, contrast and distortion) and followed closely by ease of use (auto focus vs manual, weight and build).

From what I could gather the Touit 12mm seems to have the best optical quality and build. But it has moderate AF speed, no PDAF, no OSS, expensive and not particularly good for video considering the sound it makes while focussing. I don't expect to shoot video much with a wide angle, but there will be time when I need to because I may not have the time to change lenses.

Whereas the Rokinon/Samyang has the superior sharpness and distortion handling, perfect for astro photography but would perform best under lowlight due to its max aperture size. However, being MF it may be hard or time consuming to focus in lowlight as my vision is not that good. And no lens profile. But it's also the cheapest.

lastly, the Sony 10-18 has OSS which compensates for its f4 aperture in lowlight, it has zoom range, quiet AF and supports PDAF. But it is also expensive with moderate optical quality compared to the other two lenses. It has minor distortion on

What is your own experience with any of these lenses?

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