Do you find it hard to shoot with SLRs now?

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Joe Tam Contributing Member • Posts: 725
Do you find it hard to shoot with SLRs now?


I used to use D3s/D4s/D800 for a majority of my work until I started using the GX-7 and now GH4.

Just returned from a two week trip to Missouri covering a story and unfortunately had to spend a week and a half shooting with just the DSLR. Moments which would have been easily captured with the GX7 on silent mode were ruined the moment I lifted up my clunky DSLR or would be changed by the scene-shattering shutter sound.

I find the system of shooting with DSLRs feels a little antiquated with no live preview(live view on Nikon is not the same), no live histogram, no silent shutter, no small profile, no wifi capabilites like on Panasonics, no articulated screen for low/hi angles which is a pivotal feature for many of my assignments, and having to look through a keyhole which made it difficult to grab moments while engaging people in conversation.

I had my GX-7 with 100-300 and Amazon primed a Olympus 17mm/1.8 to my hotel. I heard the lens was not stellar but I have to say the results were spectacular even on some shots that were taken with the sun directly above. So glad I had a chance to shoot for a couple of days with the 17mm which is now one of my favorite lenses.

I am glad that I had the DSLRs for very low light work with fast changing situations shot at iso 12800. But for everything else the DSLR really feels obsolete to me.

Got home and hugged my GH4. Anyone feel the same or do I need to see a therapist?

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