New FE 85mm lens - is f/1.8 enough?

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Re: New FE 85mm lens - is f/1.8 enough?

Alex P Scorsch wrote:

I'm betting on Sony's launching of an 85mm lens for phokina. I would like to ask the pro photographers here present : Do you really need an f/1.4? Do you think f/1.8 would be a problem for portrait photography? I believe that f/1.8 is probably good enough for 98% of any needs.

85mm lenses at f/2.8 are very compact but sometimes a shallower depth of field is needed. I think f/2 would be the ideal maximum aperture. This ratio means the internal aperture diameter of the lens would be 42.5 mm, which translates to a compact form factor. Increasing the aperture to f/1.8 adds nearly 5 mm to the diameter and up to 20% to the weight of the lens.

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