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Re: Wrong on all counts. You aren't a moderator.

pixelpushing wrote:

120 to 35 wrote:

Please use Google to search for appropriate forums.

He can ask, and other can answer. If you don't like it, don't read the thread.

You previously started a thread on forum split which was correctly locked by the moderator.

It was not locked because it was inappropriate, as the thread is a month old.

I revived it to see where we were at, progress-wise. It was locked to avoid further discussion on the subject. While I do not agree with the reason given, I suspect it was done more as a measure to avoid further bickering back and forth on whether there should be a FF forum. If ever there was a dead horse, it is that topic.

So you do see my point below: "Discussions about splits .. are naturally divisive"

There needn't be any more discussion on whether or not or why, just when. It'd be nice to have some idea.

Discussions about split, divisions and inadequacy of this forum are naturally devisive.

Nobody is saying this forum is INADEQUATE.

The OP says "I haven't found one yet that had much activity or is not over run with other formats. Thanks". Posting the comment here clearly means he applies it to this forum.

Dave is looking for a Sony FF dedicated forum, which does not currently exist, here.I think that's a fair question. You aren't a moderator last I checked, so put your forum policeman badge away.

Which badge?

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