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I've just finished selling a whole load of camera equipment on ebay and the cupboard is nearly bare apart from a Canon 7D (for wildlife) and a Canon 5D mark 1 (for wide stuff like landscapes). Let's not mention the Fuji XF1. I even sold my X100...... but hung on to a Fuji 16-50mm zoom and a 18mm prime because of the next sentence.

The cunning and foolproof idea was to buy the X-T1.

But then I hesitated, and it was raining outside, and there was not much to take photographs of, and maybe I'd need to buy some more (better?) Fuji lenses. And I started to use the SLRs again and sometimes the extra weight didn't matter and the auto focus of the 7D is quite remarkable, etc. etc.

Looking back on owning the X100 and X-E1 and X-A1 I came to a few conclusions:

1. I'm getting too old and can't see stuff anymore and I need and like a viewfinder. I liked the X-E1 EVF because it was really quite nice and the X100 OVF was lovely.

2. I can't quite match the image 'look' of the Fuji to Canon cameras (maybe that means I quickly get bored doing lots of post-processing)

3. Sometimes the inconvenient bulk (size and weight) of the SLRs doesn't matter but I did like the way I could whip out the X100 and quickly take photos (it's a 'slab' versus 'T-shape' issue of camera design)

4. I think a fixed focal length is better for me as I don't stress about 'what lens to take'. I have a 35mm lens that I can put on the 5D and 7D thus taking advantage of 35/50mm as long as I take 2 cameras with me.

5. I did like the flippy-uppy screen of the X-A1

6. I have some Fuji lenses anyway

Therefore on balance it seems like the optimum solution for me is to buy a new X100S.

But I still WANT a X-T1 (maybe because it's the latest 'thing').

It would be so good if Mr. Fuji delivers a X100S successor soon. But that could be some time away.

Flat view
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