Photoshop help with colour cast and overexposure

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Re: Photoshop help with colour cast and overexposure

Sailor Blue wrote:

tom60634 wrote:

  1. Make a layer copy
  2. Go to Filter>Blur>Average
  3. Invert the layer and change Blending Mode to color
  4. Adjust Blending Mode strength till you get close
  5. Make a Curve Adjustment layer to clean up the leftover spots of color cast
  6. Make a Brightness/Contrast Adjust layer to bring up exposure and provide needed contrast
  7. Flatten image and sharpen judiciously.


This is also a great way to restore old color photos that have faded and taken on a color cast.

Nick1020, this type of color problem is common with low cost ND filters. In the future I suggest you include a shot with a white balance card or even better, with a X-Rite ColorChecker Passport for use in color correction. Using a WB card or Passport will go a long way toward correcting the problem but the best answer is to buy a high quality, abet expensive, ND filter to begin with.

Thanks for the tips.

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