First system camera - A6000? OM-D M5 ? Other?

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First system camera - A6000? OM-D M5 ? Other?

Apologies in advance for posting a 'what camera' post as my first.

I have done some research and reached some conclusions so I'm hoping you knowlegable folk can test my logic and help me make the right purchase.

I've been persevering with point-and-shoot but I want to step it up a couple of notches and buy into a more 'hobbyist' type camera which I can 'grow into'.

This has been prompted mostly by backpacking holidays- I have done one 3-week trip and will be doing three more in the next year. As such I want a reasonably lightweight and compact solution but some compromise can be afforded here owing to my next consideration.

My hobby is motorsport. I compete myself but so does my Dad and a lot of my friends, so I'd like to be able to take passable action shots, which would be largely viewed in computer screens and maybe when I have gotten the hang of it, blown up into the odd wall print etc.

I would be hoping to stick with the camera body I buy for quite some time so 'future-proofness' is a major factor for me, as is ease of use.

Unencumbered by a lense collection, I think M43 is the way I should be heading to satisfy the 'compact' bit.

I think my favourite is the Sony a6000 as it boasts excellent autofocus and focus tracking, supposedly being one of the best M43s at this bit. This is of extra interest to me as I tend to be quite shaky. However I'm mindful that the lense selection won't be as extensive as some alternatives and the 16-50 kit lense has attracted some criticism. All of the reviews criticised the manual focal point selection as being a bit fiddly but I'm not knowledgable enough to know if this is likely to pose a problem.

The Olympus is a bit older and the tracking autofocus perhaps loses out a bit to the Sony. I like the idea of Olympus though, and the lense options that go with it. And it's weather sealed, which might be beneficial to me when travelling in Asian humidity and British motorsport rain.

The curve ball was the Panasonic FZ-200 and FZ-1000, which seem to offer an answer to almost all of my questions with people heralding them as 'fun' and 'low fuss', but I'm put off by the size and the fact the lenses aren't interchangable. I do have fairly big hands though, so I wonder if the smaller cameras will feel a bit to dinky to me.

The next step for me is to go to the shopping center and get hands-on with a few cameras, but in the mean time I thought I'd invite your input.

Thanks for reading.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Panasonic FZ1000 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 Sony a6000
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