Got some NX1 info.

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Re: Got some NX1 info.

jennyrae wrote:

what you say about APS-H is not true. you have no idea how popular APS-H was and is still is. for some reason, I do not have a clue why Canon discontinued it and made preference over FF or APS-C, it somehow got lost in the mix where to put it in price category. there is and still market for it.

the APS-H proposition is more towards keeping sensor space dimension of NX rather than create a new one.

actually, you have it in opposite. you do not get the worst but best of both worlds. you get much friendlier field of view, not too short (APS-C) and not too wide (FF) but also longer reach, nicer aspect ratio. picture quality rival FF, cost efficient, much manageable field depth (not too shallow and not too deep), much ideal for faster picture taking or action photography capability, avoid FF vignetting for FF lenses. and who said you cannot use crop factor mode capability with APS-C NX lenses on APS-H? crop mode is available in certain FF cameras.

APS-H is better than Samsung competing against medium range APS-C at same price category because of crowded market. FF market is also very competitive. either way, Samsung needs to come out with a product that would rival existing sensors if it want to make a statement that it is different. whether go Fuji way with Bayer filter arrangement, Sigma with sensor concept or have a different sensor size. Samsung can keep APS-C with other models like NX-xxx or NX-xxxxx. but we are talking about high-end or pro model. so why should it be another APS-C? they make sure that it should offer something that it totally different than what is offered by others. and I hope it is not just TIZEN because I have no use for it if what Samsung right now is proposing connectivity.

APS-H was in one Camera model. It has not been made by anyone in 2 years. 
It was made because it offered certain advantages for Sport photography (smaller File size, faster processing faster FPS) Modern processing power, and Memory Cards can achieve the same performance with Full Frame. As such the need for APS-H is no longer there.

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