Any Advantage to Full Frame?

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I would argue

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A larger recording surface allows for larger reproduction and more overall dynamic range.

This is something I've been puzzling over and I don't understand. If each sensor has 24 MP then it seems to me that (unlike film where a larger film has more sensitive area to be exposed to light) if the larger sensor (D610) has the same number of pixels as the smaller sensor (D5300 or D7100), the resolution should be the same. For example if you took identical photos with the two size sensors, the ability to crop and enlarge a part of the photo would be equal. The large sensor camera and the small sensor camera (with the same total pixel count) could be printed with roughly equal success on large paper. Of course, in the case of the D810, the greater pixels would lead to better enlargements. I'm using common sense with this and might be overlooking something.

This comment applies to your term "larger reproduction".

I don't understand enough about dynamic range vs pixel count to comment. I would appreciate further explanation. Thanks.

The difference is the size of the pixels which is important. Larger pixels can take more light, improve dynamic range, produce less noise and improve IQ and detail.

The D610 and D810 both have better noise characteristics than the D700 so clearly, "pixel" size is not the controlling factor.

You may respond that the D700 is older technology, and while that is a valid comment, when comparing contemporary technology, the larger sensor always produces the better print, and the resolution of the sensor becomes immaterial after a point.

Of course, to prove this to yourself, you would have to process and print the images to see.

Up until 6400 D700 and Df returning pretty much the same results. So "old" technologies not that bad after all. High ISO improvements in Df IMHO because of noise reduction on sensor. Both D610 and D810 shows worse results than Df regarding high ISO and frankly D610 looks better to me than D810. Df sensor (D4 technology) is older then D610. So size of pixel is paramount -bigger is indeed better - and you cannot fool laws of physics.

I continuously print A3+ and I do know from practice that 12MP are plenty even with moderate crop. So I do believe that we saturated with resolution and I indeed prefer better pixels rather then more of them. YMMV and can do so on big margin.

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