Aftermarket batteries are just as good as OEM

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Re: This thread's shown that some aftermarket batteries are OK and some are not

quiquae wrote:

But how do we know which ones are which?

I know a bit more about lithium-ion batteries chemistry than about DLSRs. LiB is inherently dangerous compared to many other types of rechargeable batteries. Even discounting manufacturing defect, there is nothing intrinsic in a lithium-ion battery that prevents dendrites (sharp spikes of pure lithium) from forming and puncturing the separator, causing short circuit that push the temperature into thermal runaway level, at which point the flammable electrolyte and high energy density ensures that the failure ends up being a disaster. This clusterf*ck is only held in check by the control electronics that regulates the voltage to ensure the battery stays within safe specs.

Let me repeat that. Lithium ion batteries are unreliable by nature. Therefore, the physical safety of your camera, and everything around it (including yourself), is entirely at the mercy of the person who designed the controller chip in your battery!

Now, who do you trust more--the guy who was able to work with the camera development team to make sure the battery performs as expected, or the guy who reverse engineered the whole thing hoping he didn't leave anything out? And if things go wrong (which they can--see my above rant on lithium ion batteries), which one is more likely to give me a new camera as opposed to refunding the battery cost and telling me I can keep both pieces of the camera?

I refuse to buy aftermarket lithium-ion batteries for anything, including cameras. I'm not willing to play chemistry Russian roulette with my expensive electronics gear, much less my own body.

I never read / hear that a camera store which stocks many, many aftermarket lithium etc. has blown up........


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