Next 4K camera?

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Re: Next 4K camera?

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Seriously looking at Fuji and Sony, but 4K caught my eye. My monitor is higher than 1080p resolution and I am saving for a new TV which may be 4K. The GH4 is pricey but looks good. I want an ILC. There is a wild rumor the M1 may get 4k. Are more 4k cameras coming?

Are more 4K cameras coming?

I would say that's a pretty sure bet. 4K is the next BIG thing.

There seems to be great demand for 4K video recording.. Probably THE current buzzword for new camera releases in late 2014. As a photographer and former film student, sure, I can definitely see the value in it.

I'm surprised the E-M1 firmware updates have had their headlines lathered with 4K references -- even I would probably use it maybe about 1% of the time, but I guess everybody's workflow is different. Just surprised by the demand for it, maybe I'm living in the past. I did buy the Canon 5D2 at launch, partly for its video capabilities though.. It is a progressive but non essential feature IMO. If Olympus is spending their resources on fixing something, I sure hope it's more photography features before video though, but even I must admit the E-M1 and other OM-D's video functions are pretty lacking.

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