Who conducts Fuji's (or any manufacturers) research

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Who conducts Fuji's (or any manufacturers) research

I am sometimes at loss as to who advises camera manufactures or are they dependent on past camera sales data.

Out of interest, i alway pay attention to cameras people are holding and having watched tourists in London, Spain, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong over the last six months, this is what i have noticed (subjective)

- The most popular fuji camera: x100/x100s bar none

- girls seem to have DSRL with kit or small prime lens

- guys are bigger users of huge lens

- most popular mirror-less is Sony/olympus. Almost none bother with EVF add-on

- P&S? not many. Mostly  used by those who don't haver a good phone (from my observation)

- expensive small cameras like fuji x20, sony 100x and canon G series... almost all are used middle age men

- mirror-less camera/DSLR seem to be more popular than any P&S

My girlfriend used my previous x100 exclusively but now prefers to use her iPhone than bother with my fuji XT-1.

Just saying based on my observations.

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