Aftermarket batteries are just as good as OEM

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Re: This topic comes up often and it has no good conclusion or consensus.

Corkcampbell wrote:

This topic comes up often and there is no consensus, probably because there are all different levels of battery quality. Does a cheap eBay battery last as long as your original? Probably not. Does it blow up your house and kill your dog? No.

Maybe not. However, a bad battery can easily destroy electronic equipment it's powering by e.g., applying just a tad more voltage than it's supposed to, swelling a bit too much, heating up a bit too much, leaking a bit of electrolyte, and so on.

However, my point in replying to this is to day that I don't agree with the often-mentioned thought that "if you spend a lot of money on a camera, why not spend enough for an over-priced battery?" Duh, that's hardly advice a good financial advisor would give, and it's illogical. If you pay a lot of money for luggage, does that mean you should buy an overpriced luggage tag? Hardly.

Non sequitur. Luggage tags are not known to cause harm to the luggage they're attached to.

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