Aftermarket batteries are just as good as OEM

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Re: Spend your money any way you want

Lanidrac wrote:

paris1968 wrote:

I've used non-OEM batteries in the following cameras: Nikon D200, D300, D2x, D800, Sony RX100 iii, Sony RX 10, and an Olympus EM-1. I usually buy Wasabi batteries from Amazon. With the D200 and D300, sometimes the Wasabi batteries did not last as long as the OEM, but they charged just as quickly, and the cameras functioned normally. Since then, I've never had the slightest issue with Wasabi batteries: their performance and duration is indistinguishable from the OEMs that cost five time more.

Spend your money any way you want.

I think you don't own or used a few cams.

Thanks for your opinion.

I have used on my former cameras, like Panasonic G1,G2, GF1 always non OEM batteries without any problems....

Now I have the Fuji X100, Fuji X20, Leica D-LX6 for which I also using non OEM batteries without any problems, while for my Olympus E-M5 I am unable to get non OEM batteries, so have to buy Olympus OEM batteries.......


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