gm1 users, is the grip worth it?

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Re: Richard Franiec GM1 grip?

Richard Franiec wrote:

sylon wrote:

Hi Richard

I am interested in this grip but I was wondering about a couple of things

1. Can it be removed cleanly without damaging the camera? Say if i wanted to sell the body in the original condition.

2. How well does the glue hold? Can I trust it wont come off while holding with a heavish lens? like the 35-100mm f2.8


GM1 grip was the first one tested on leatherette skin.

To answer your questions I have to say Yes X 2



I endorse what Richard has said and I have two grips on two GM1 cameras which I intend to keep "forever".  My only suggestion is that as a regular user of heavier lenses on the GM1 that the grip be slightly less tapered at the top if it ever was re-designed.  Basically to provide a higher centre of gravity finger-hook than the present grip allows. But I am happy enough with it as it is which is about perfect for smaller lenses.

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