Stuck on choice for D2xs

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Re: Stuck on choice for D2xs

I've got lenses on your list, or similar.

24F2.8 AF-D, 35F2, 35F1.4 ART

12-24F4 DX (Nikon)

14-24 F2.8


After using both 12-24 and 14-24 on DX, I quickly came to the conclusion that full frame wide zooms are mostly a waste of money on DX.   Not to say that the 14-24 isn't great on DX, but its potential is mostly wasted there.   I never used the 16-35 on DX, but I suspect it would be even more a waste.  For one thing, 16mm isn't particularly wide on DX.  For another, the long end of the 16-35 is considered weak.   Might as well have a 16-85vr.

The 12-24 impressed me on a D300.  I always like it, though corners at 12mm are soft unless well stopped down.   From what I've read, the Nikon 10-24 is similar in that the corners at the widest end are soft unless well stopped down.

I'd recommend a 12-24 or 10-24.   They may or may not please on a 24mp camera, but on a D2XS should be just fine.

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