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Re: I have one for sale, but there are differences between makes/models

Pip72 wrote:

Ok thanks,

I was thinking of Sigma 1.4x EX APO yet niot the DG one, but, now, I will try both on my SonyA580 using either Sigma 400 and Minolta 400 and wil lsee what happen



It's unlikely the Sigma TC will work with another lens brand as it's designed specifically for Sigma lenses.  The TC compatibility chart can be found here.  Make note which lenses will retain AF or not (basically anything over F/4.5 will be reduced to manual focus) and it's essentially designed to work with internal focus (IF) lenses.  Kenko TC's (1.4x and 1.5x) are also very good, but the Dyxum TC thread is also excellent for reference material and info .

The later DG version has improved coatings to eliminate any ghosting or flare, though never use a lens with a filter fitted unless it's a specialist type like ND-GRAD or CPL as they will cause light streaking due to reflections and will make the images less sharp and will play havoc with contrast, colour and sharpness to name but a few.  Unlike the older lens models, modern optics have superior lens coatings therefore don't require any filters, though they OK to fit when in storage or transit.

The Minolta AF 400/4.5 APO HS G is a lens I'd really like to own, though to add a TC will require a tripod as to hand-hold with the lens + TC config will be very hard to hold with any degree of steadiness.  There's a boxed complete Minolta 1.4x TC listed on the Ffordes website (the seller is a UK Dyxum member so if you contact him, he may be able to offer it at a lower price as Ffordes charge a 20% commission) though I don't know where you live as your profile doesn't show it, though a Sony branded TC such as the SAL14TC will be far more expensive but there are no compatibility issues either, though if you get an 8 pin TC (not a Sigma version as they're brand specific) to use on your other non Sigma lenses which also have 8 pins, you'll keep the additional functionality such as ADI if using an external flash for example.  There's additional reference material on the Kurtmunger website for Minolta and Sony TC's and a general TC advice page on evilBay of all places, but how accurate or informative it is, I have no idea.  Another good TC resource is the MHohner website and you'll note there are 4x Minolta 1.4x TC's, so check all the tech info to ensure you get the right one assuming you opt for a Minolta branded version and not a Kenko version.

Hope that might shed some light on the subject and remember, if you have a G (GOLD) rated lens, you don't want to ruin it's IQ by using a cheap and cheerful TC.

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