Aftermarket batteries are just as good as OEM

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Many aftermarket bats leave out safety features!

Lanidrac wrote:

DVT80111 wrote:

After market battery may lack quality control and testing, so watch out for fire risk.

Prove this statement! Thats like saying, "Make sure you test drive your new tires because they're not Michelins".

Fact that most third party battery companies only use two contacts (+ & -) to charge the battery, whereas OEM batteries have multiple contacts connected to safety circuitry including a temperature sensor which is designed to stop the charger if the batteries get too warm; the third party battery just keeps charging and swells/distorts the battery casing from the heat.

Also most (current) manufacturer chargers follow the power usage law which requires the charger to shut off once charging is done. Since many third party chargers come from countries which don't have that law, they continue to consume power once charging is finished.

In any case, I NEVER leave a charger unattended.

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