Got some NX1 info.

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Re: Got some NX1 info.

targut wrote:

Kaziklu wrote:

targut wrote:

Kaziklu wrote:

..because I've completely lost confidence in the sanity of Samsung's designers.

All the latest designs are very reasonable: NX30, NX300, NX3000, 16-50PZ, 16-50 S. NX mini is a separate line so I don't mention it here. Why should you lose your confidence?

.... why not quote the whole comment. If the NX1 comes out looking like some crap rangefinder, then I would lose confidence.
I'm still not sold on the commitment of Samsung.. but I like the system enough to stick it out for a while.
But if it comes out looking like a Bulky Mamiya 6 as is suggested (which is an ugly boxy Medium Format Camera) then it would be serious blow to their design teams credibility.
Heck a "prosumer" grade camera would hurt my confidence in them.

I see. You want a pro camera but do not like the Mamiya 6 design.

Just don't be too easy mislead by incorrectly formulated rumors. NX1 will never be as big as Mamiya, guaranteed.

Which is why I have said.. IF.. I have never said oh I've lost faith in samsung I'm buying fuji..

I've said if I lose faith in Samsung I would likely go to Fuji, and if these Rumours are true.. it would likely be the thing that does it. But there are blind Samsung Zombies, that I still believe are employed in some manner by Samsung to post on these boards, that will jump at anything critical of it.

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