Got some NX1 info.

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Re: Got some NX1 info.

jennyrae wrote:

appearance is least of concerns now rather than priority. you can have best looking camera but does not work. appearance does not make one better in taking picture. and if one base judgement of camera on appearance, then there is really wrong with person's logic. it is tool for taking pictures, not jewelry worn around neck.

which is why every one wants a range finder right? 
Looks do matter. what is in side matters more, but if I can get a fuji, that meets my needs looks decent and has all the lens I have now, plus has made a commitment to the lens that Samsung hasn't. While also being transparent in their plans, why would I stick with a system, that keeps changing direction, has no public long term plan, and still has no market share outside of Korea, which means I can't even rent lens I don't have. Where I can rent a Fuji. 
I don't want to switch but I want to see something from Samsung that says hey we want to produce good cameras... not something that says.. the forum nerds keep demanding a range finder so here is a crappy designed one. By the way we may or may put out other lens that work with is. 
Until it comes out, I don't know what it is. I haven't made any judgements. But I don't blindly follow samsung, they have given me no reason to.

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