What new from Sony E-mount around Photokina?

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Re: What new from Sony E-mount around Photokina?

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The SEL50mm is certainly longer than the Nikon or Pentax lens and it weighs slightly more.

But this lens has to be longer because it attaches to the camera at 18mm to the sensor, while the other lenses attach at over 40mm to the sensor. An additional 28mm adapter must be added to the Nikon lens to attach to a Sony body.

The registration distance for DSLR lenses is longer. That does not mean a lens with a similar registration distance to E-mount has to be larger. This 45mm Samsung is a small lens. So are a few E-lenses.


The Sony lens also includes optical image stabilization which the other two lack. This feature requires extra floating components inside the lens which tend to add to the overall length. Other lenses you mention, including the Sony 55mm, lack stabilization.

OSS does not require extra elements. The lens elements are simply allowed to float, or not. Sigma and Tamron both supply lenses for Pentax and Sony A-mount that are identical to lenses supplied for Nikon and Canon, except for the lack of OS.

Stabilized primes are rare because some companies consider stabilization in shorter primes to be unnecessary, or even a compromise. Some makers use IBIS, so no point in lens stabilization. I couldn't find another stabilized 50mm, but these stabilized 28 and 35mm primes from Canon are similar in size to non-IS primes.



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The Samsung 45 lens does not have optical image stabilization. The lenses with IS that are shorter have a relatively shorter focal length (for example pancake lenses). You can demonstrate and prove your assertions by finding a bright 50mm lens with IS and built-in autofocus that is significantly shorter (including the flange distance) than the Sony 50mm. But this discussion is not really useful. The only available lens with IS happens to be the SEL 1.8/50, which happens to be comparable to the length of the Nikon lens when the flange distance is taken into account.

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