Photoshop help with colour cast and overexposure

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Photoshop help with colour cast and overexposure


I recently purchased a couple of cheap ND filters off eBay.  I wasn't expecting amazing results due to the cost and so far, my expectations have been met.

I took a few photos of some waterfalls in the hope of being able to have longer exposures during the day.  The results were mixed.  Some photos had quite bad purple colour cast as well as overexposed whites on the water.  I've managed to improve the quality of some of the photos which were affected with colour cast in Photoshop.  I used a new adjustment layer with Photo Filter and another editing hue/saturation but some photos are proving to be a little tricky to improve.

Here's an untouched photo which is typical of the purple colour cast and overexposed whites issue:

Is there anything I can do to rescue this image please?

I'm able to improve the colour cast using the steps listed above, but the main issue that persists is the blown out whites.  Please bear in mind that I don't have much knowledge of Photoshop so I'm not even sure that using the photo filter and hue/saturation adjustment layers is the correct way to deal with the cast but they do seem to improve things.

The photo was shot on a Nokia 1020 using a crappy tripod which was a pain to get steady.  I had to borrow a mate's as my tripod, which was much more stable broke a little while ago.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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