Another impetous question. Help me before I get kicked out. What camera do I want?

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Re: Another impetous question. Help me before I get kicked out. What camera do I want?

frascati wrote:

350 +/- a bit dollars.

At least an aps-c sensor. Image quality is paramount.

This should be easier.

The EX2F does not have an APS-C sensor; not even close. The RX100 has a larger sensor, as do a couple of Fuji models. There are a number of premium or prosumer digicams that have a 1/1.7" sensor like the EX2F. So are you looking for APS-C or are you looking for something as good as the EX2F ?

Seems almost as if the clamber for bells/whistles has overtaken this category of camera

Which category of camera ? Are you sorting by price ?

I don't see any great compromise of quality for bells & whistles in the premium compact market. Those camera just don't sell for under $350.

I can't recommend anything ... for under $350, you're going to be restricted to end-of-life models. But I don't know if you really want APS-C or not.

EDIT: Saw your other post about camera pricing. I think that what happens with models like the EX2F and others is that towards their end of life, you'll see great deals when retailers need to clean out stock. Then they sell out (or return them or whatever they do) and after that, they're only available from a handful of warehouse dealers that post them on Amazon for higher prices, hoping to snag someone who simply wants one badly enough to pay the price. Search for the EX2F and it's sold out most places; Amazon has "1 in stock" at $349 through "BESTDEALTECH" and then available through other retailers at higher prices.

Try watching this site if you're intent on getting a closeout deal:

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