Help me decide between the A6000 and the A5100 please! My first decent camera :)

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Re: Help me decide between the A6000 and the A5100 please! My first decent camera :)

Both A6000 and A5100 make a single shutter click sound (Electronic Front Shutter Curtain). While this is better than a double click, it is is not silent like the RX cameras.

The touch interface is useful not so much for menu selection but for selecting the focus and focus magnification point among more than one subjects (dancers). I think if you are used to the RX100 and for fast moving dance pictures, focus selection with touch is not very optimal. With both cameras you can use center focus with hold and recompose (you focus by half pressing the shutter and holding it then you move the frame a bit if necessary to get a better composition). Alternatively you can use multiple point focus and half-press the shutter repeatedly as it selects the alternative points.

The LCD on the A6000 can rotate downward, as well as upward. This allows you to hold and control the camera well above your eye level if you need to.

The EVF is a matter of choice. You can make a decision for yourself only after using it for a while.

The A6000 is not much larger than the A5100 and doesn't look more obvious. You are probably noticed more when using the EVF but you always have the choice of using the LCD.

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