Going FF(?)

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Robert Palmqvist
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Re: Going FF(?)

Elti87 wrote:

the 24-70 does not have VR i think.
so, since 24-70 is a bulky, expensive, no vr lens, what would you recommend instead?

Depends on your needs, for f/2.8 and VR Tamron 24-70 VC? A set of fast primes instead of a zoom (might not give you VR though but do you need it if the lens is fast enough)? 24-85 or 24-120 VR if you can live with a slower lens (to some extent countered with VR). There are plenty of options.

VR might give you an extra stop or two but it wont give you shallower DoF. It's therefor hard to recommend a slower lens over a faster as an all purpose solution. The whole idea of a SLR system is the capability to change glass. I might opt for a slow but lightweight zoom based on convenience at times, fully aware of it's limitations and drawbacks. But it would be sad if that was my only option

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