Hexanon Hype

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Hexanon Hype

I have two Hexanon lenses: 40mm 1.8 and 50mm 1.7. Neither stands out as an exceptional performer.

On Wikipedia one can read the following:

"Konica SLR interchangeable lenses were named Hexanon. The optical quality of most Hexanon lenses is regarded as truly superb, particularly the older fixed-focal length (prime) lenses. Many camera manufacturers of interchangeable lenses produce a few great lenses among their line, but Konica managed to achieve near excellent quality over a broad range of focal lengths in lens tests conducted by several photographic publications over the years. Hexanon lenses were used by the Japanese government as the standard against which all other lenses were measured."

The claim that the Japanese government used the Hexanons as the industrial standard is, to put it frankly, over the top. And it is the epitome of indecency to make such a claim without providing references.

I am pretty certain that the source of this hyperbole is the following lens database:


Regarding the 50mm 1.7, the author of the database articles writes the following:

"But not only in sharpness the image quality is first class. Contrast and evenness of illumination are just as convincing as the neutral colour rendition – all in all, the Hexanon AR 50 mm / F1.7 is absolutely a premium, first class lens."

And regarding the 40mm 1.8:

"Image quality of the Hexanon AR 40 mm / F1.8 is outstanding – some photography magazines praised it as one of the sharpest lenses ever built by any manufacturer for 35 mm cameras."

Not a single reference to back up these bold claims.


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