A6000 help needed for Manual Focus etc !!

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Re: A6000 help needed for Manual Focus etc !!

Antioch wrote:

I am thinking about getting A6000. I visited BB, and was unable to use Manual Focus. They had no clue either.

Since I am interested in using Hyper focal Focusing. I was wondering, how do you manually focus at say 17 feet which would give 7 ft to infinity depth of field. The kit lens did not have a scale on it. The one I saw, just kept going round and round, there was no hard stop to stop at Infinity either.

I have also come to learn, that using an adaptor, one could use Nikon AF lenses. How do you focus with these lenses. (They do have scale on the lens). Can I do hyper focal focusing, and in these lenses, how do I know it is in focus for regular manual focusing, or auto focusing.

Also will Raw Therapee convert A6000 Raw files to DNG for use with PS CS5. I do not want to buy CS6 or CC or any other software, just for A6000 Raw conversion. Are there any other alternatives to convert Raw.


The kit lens does not have a scale on the lens.  However, the A6000 in Manual focus mode or DMF focus mode will display a distance scale on the EVF and LCD.  It shows with a resolution of 1 meter for distances of 1 meter or more, and a tenth of a meter for distances less than that.

To assist in manual focus, the A6000 has a magnification mode that works very well.  It also has a peaking function that highlights sharp edges with a highlight color, and that also works very well.

Some of the lenses, such as the kit lens, have electronic focusing and do not have a direct mechanical connection between the ring and the focus mechanism.  Some other lenses do have the mechanical focusing.  It is a characteristic of the specific lens.

As far as I know, the adapters for Nikon lenses do not support autofocus.  That is, you can use an AF lens but you must focus manually.  There might be an AF adapter developed in the future.

For raw conversion, Sony supplies the Image Data Converter program as an available download.  Also I believe that Adobe has an Adobe Camera Raw converter available at no cost to convert raw formats to DNG.

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