Tamron 28-300 PZD

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Re: Tamron 28-300 PZD

First, Tamron DOES know how to design and build a long zoom lens that is sharp..!
I have an older Tamron 18-250.  It's been used on several different Canon cameras and it NEVER fails to deliver excellent photographs.  And this includes the sharpness.  Why the new 16-300 (the older 18-270(s) don't match up, I don't have any idea.  I'd like to give the new 28-300 a "try", just to see how close it comes to the old 18-250.

I also have a Nikon 5200 with the Nikon 28-300.  This lens is terrible, espicially for the money it cost.  At least the copy I have.  The only way to get even a sort of a sharp photo is to use F-8.  Anything less isn't worth keeping.  While it is nicely built, solid, it's pictures don't match it's build quality.

Back to the ol Tamron 18-250 from about 2008 or so.  As far as sharpness, it puts both the Canon 35-350L AND the 28-300L lenses to shame (simillar zoom range...right ?).  Overall color is very close with the 28-300L winning this one, and the 35-350L and the Tamron are a very close second...!


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