Aftermarket batteries are just as good as OEM

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Re: Aftermarket batteries are just as good as OEM

RossAndrew wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

lucky enough to do a small photo course at the University of Western Australia and was told that the power retention was about 2/3s of an original and the life expectancy was only a bit over 1/2 to what they produced when new..


Surely then they backed this up with objective testing, broken down by manufacturer...

I past on info that was given to me "in good faith" make of it what you will.

Subjective information with no facts to back it up  I expect more from an institution of higher learning.

In the meantime my own real world experience disputes this for at least 1 brand of 3rd party

Post the name of your 3rd party battery and if I ever have to buy one I will try it.

I've mentioned it several times in the thread - SterlingTek.  I used their BP-511 equivalents on my Canon xxD bodies, and now their LP-E6 equivalents in my 7D & 70d.


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