A6000 help needed for Manual Focus etc !!

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Re: A6000 help needed for Manual Focus etc !!

Antioch wrote:

I am thinking about getting A6000. I visited BB, and was unable to use Manual Focus. They had no clue either.

Since I am interested in using Hyper focal Focusing. I was wondering, how do you manually focus at say 17 feet which would give 7 ft to infinity depth of field. The kit lens did not have a scale on it. The one I saw, just kept going round and round, there was no hard stop to stop at Infinity either.

I have also come to learn, that using an adaptor, one could use Nikon AF lenses. How do you focus with these lenses. (They do have scale on the lens). Can I do hyper focal focusing, and in these lenses, how do I know it is in focus for regular manual focusing, or auto focusing.

Also will Raw Therapee convert A6000 Raw files to DNG for use with PS CS5. I do not want to buy CS6 or CC or any other software, just for A6000 Raw conversion. Are there any other alternatives to convert Raw.


Native E-mount lenses do not have a physical distance scale. The APS-C bodies do not have an option for a distance scale in the viewfinder or LCD while the FF bodies do.

To manually focus to a given distance, find an object at that distance to the camera and focus on it.

Manual lenses with the right adapters allow you to focus using the scale on the lens. Yes, you can use hyper focus with them. You must use the right adapter, which is an adapter of the exact length. Some adapters are a bit too short and this results in the distance scale showing the wrong distance.

You use the viewfinder or LCD image magnification to check focus. There is also the optional "focus peaking" which draws colored lines along the edges of objects that are in focue. These features work with both E-mount and adapted lenses.

I don't know about Raw Therapee. Sony supplies "Image Data Converter" free of charge.

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