Will Canon TTL flash cord work with M4/3?

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Jim Kaye Senior Member • Posts: 2,754
Will Canon TTL flash cord work with M4/3?

I've read that the layout and functions of contacts on a Canon-compatible flash shoe are the same as for M4/3. (On looking at a picture of a 3rd party Canon-compatible TTL flash cord on the B & H web site, it seems to me there is one extra small contact compared with my EM-1 hotshoe -- I suppose it may be used in the Canon system but maybe it's not necessary for a M4/3 flash to work properly -- or maybe I'm not seeing the picture correctly.)

The reason I'm asking is that I want a 2-meter cord, but I'd prefer a simpler one like this (if it works with M4/3):


to a specifically Olympus/Panasonic-compatible one that is more elaborate with a swivel mount built in:


or one like this with an extra hot shoe on top:


(I don't see an Olympus/Panasonic-specific 2-meter Vello TTL cord like the one above -- only versions for Canon, Nikon, and Sony/Minolta.)

Can anyone please confirm that Canon-compatible TTL cords work with Olympus/Panasonic?

Sorry if this has been asked before -- I did a search and looked through the first 100 or so posts I saw but didn't come up with anything relevant.

Thanks in advance.

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