Keep my D7100 for nightclub Photography or Upgrade to D610

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Re: Keep my D7100 for nightclub Photography or Upgrade to D610

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If you always use flash, and will continue to do so, then no--it is not worth the upgrade.


I do available light for performances and love the D7100 up to ISO 6400, 12,800 it's actually not even that bad for B&W (which is what all my work is in), there's noise but it's not too ugly of a grain at any size I print (usually 8x10 & 11x14). I actually like it at 12,800 more than my D700, it seems to have a little more DR and red light doesn't wash out the sensor as much.

And as others have mentioned the AF will be a huge difference and is the reason I got the D7100 over the D600. Going from my D7100 to D700 the AF sensor itself is the same so it covers much less on the FX body. With the D610 you've got a smaller AF sensor so it's an even bigger difference and I already find myself wishing for more coverage on the D700, the D7100 has spoiled me!

According to the notorious snapsort:

The D7100 has 1.5 f-stops more dynamic range over the D700 while the D700 has a slight edge (0.9 f-stops) in low noise, high ISO performance.

So it would seem your observations about DR is correct.

DR is only better up to about ISO800. The D600 has better dr and significantly better ability to push shadows. The D7100 is very good but the measured DR doesn't take into account the banding you get in the shadows so that really limits your ability to take advantage of the complete range.

Yes, as previously posted, the D600 has better DR. But the I was comparing the D7100 to the D700 in my replay above.

The D7100 1.5 f-stops (over D700) wouldn't be in the banding range would it?

Most likely, yes. Most sensors have ~3 stops over middle grey and the rest below so extra DR is usually in the shadows. I do find that the Toshiba sensor in the D7100 handles highlights very well and the highlight rolloff is more similar to film than the Sony sensors. Other than the banding, I really like the Toshiba sensor and the colours it produces, I find the reds nicer than the Sony.

Another surprise for my D7100 over my D7000 (Sony sensor) in terms of DR was that, despite the banding, my D7100 actually showed more detail when pushed 5 stops vs my D7000. Sure, my D7000 didn't have banding, but details got muddied vs a 5 stop higher ISO shot. On my D7100, the detail is similar for ISO 100 pushed 5 stops, and ISO 3200.

Another thing was color shift. When I push my D7100 5 stops from ISO 100, color is similar to base ISO and ISO 3200. On my D7000, color shifts noticeably when pushed 5 stops from ISO 100 vs ISO 100 and ISO 3200.

Thus, except for banding, I'd rate my D7100 as superior in IQ when pushed hard vs my D7000.

Yes that's exactly my experience as well and often you can use NR reduction software to reduce/eliminate the banding.  I find the noise from the D7100 is easier to deal with and it doesn't have the splotchy yellow noise that the D7000 exhibits at higher ISO.

No idea how the D600 is in similar circumstances, though.

The D600 is noticeably better overall, and you can push the shadows a lot before anything becomes too objectionable.  It requires a bit more careful sharpening vs the D7100 which has no AA filter but has better colour depth so it i better with smooth tonal gradients like the sky in a sunset.  I find the D600 sensor displays some of the same characteristics that I didn't really like in the D7000; the reds tend more towards yellow/orange and I often find I have to play with the hue to get the tones I want.  I do prefer the colour from the D7100 most of the time,  sometimes I find the images are too sharp/contrasty for landscapes and I end up softening them a bit.

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