RX100 M3 - Photo newbie needs some advice on Adapters, Filters ++

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RX100 M3 - Photo newbie needs some advice on Adapters, Filters ++

I'm a totally newbie photographer, and are desperately looking for some advice. Just got my Sony RX100 M3. I quickly found that my camera can not do everything as it is

I would like to be able to take pictures in most situations. Like landscapes, long exposure daytime pictures, night photos, IR photos, pictures with limited reflections, macro images and so on.

And, yes I know this is not a sort of camera that you normally mount all this stuff on. But I had to compromise. I needed something small, so I could bring it with me everywhere. And I can not afford two cameras now. Tripod, filters and lenses are for planned photography, the camera it self will travel with me most places.

So, my question is what filters, adapters and lenses are good for this sort of camera

This is my current wish list. Alternatives I've looked at in italic. I don't care that much about the price. I want quality. I HATE regretting buying the cheaper things, when I just end up having to upgrade anyway. But if there's something that gives a better value, I'm all for saving.

  • Adapter. Tape, glue or magnets. Something strong enough to hold filtes and lens simultaniously if possible?
    - Lensmate RX100 III /RX100 II/RX100 Quick-Change Filter Holder
  • ND filter. Variable and round. Multi coating pref.
    - Tiffen 52mm Variable Neutral Density Filter
  • Polarizer Filter. Round. Multi coating pref.
    - Hoya 52mm Digital-HMC Circular Polarizer Multi Coated Pro 1 Extra Thin Glass Filter
  • IR filter. Round. Multi coating pref.
    - Hoya 52mm Infrared R72 Filter
  • 52mm Adapter for rectangular filters
    - Lee Seven 5 kit or Cokin A452 52mm
  • Rectangular ND filters. Do I need 1, 2 and 3 stops as well as a 10 stop? Soft grad and hard grad. 7 filters? Ouch!
  • Wide angle, macro and telephoto lens.
    - Besel WA52 (wide + macro), Besel TP52 (telephoto)

Would it be any point in increasing the diameter to something like 58mm, so the filters might fit a bigger and more "professional" camera if I decide to purchase one later? Will it reduce vignetting over an 52mm if i use more than one filter? I know that filters and the adapters come in many sizes. And there the step up adapters as well. I don't know if this would be idiotic or not. Perhaps it would even give me some problems?

I do not know if the quick release of the filter holder would hold a lens as well as a filter or two. Perhaps I need screw on stuff only? And what about double treading? Does all of this have that? Oh, man! My head hurts.

Sorry for all the text. I hope some of you can enlighten me, so I don't mess up here!


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